Across Kansas

Oral Health Kansas saw a need to engage alumni of the Dental Champions program with a project that would have a positive impact on the oral health of Kansas.  After considering a number of public health issues, the Dental Champions Advisory Committee saw a particular issue in Kansas which required leadership.

“To make greater progress on oral health in Kansas we believe we must have more people exercising more leadership more often and more effectively,” said Greg Hill, Chair of the Dental Champions Advisory Committee during the first DC Talks, a new speaking program designed for Dental Champions to share innovative oral health ideas.  “The Board is committed to making greater progress and to more effectively building leadership for that purpose.  The Board also believes that you all – the Dental Champions – are an amazing resource for progress and that by more effectively connecting us together will result in more progress.”

Water fluoridation is an issue the Dental Champions Advisory Committee saw that requires leadership.  Several communities across Kansas have seen a push from water fluoridation opponents to seek removal of the proven oral health benefit from their water supply.  Without water fluoridation, the long-term oral health of the community residents would be harmed.  In order to ensure that future residents of those communities continue to receive the benefits of water fluoridation, the committee believes it is critical to develop leaders who are more knowledgable and passionate about water fluoridation.